5 Ways to Tackle Dry Winter Skin

5 Ways to Tackle Dry Winter Skin

All the tips and tricks for combatting dry, cracking winter skin.

Did you know that Rudolph’s red nose was due to dry skin caused by the harsh winter elements of the North Pole? (Just an educated guess, Santa wasn’t available for comment.)

If you’re experiencing the same, the winter weather is the main culprit for your dry skin. While seasonal in nature -- dry skin is at its peak during the cold, less humid time of the year -- there are other factors that contribute.


Invest in crypto a humidifier.

While blasting the heat at home might make you feel like you’ve relocated to Mexico for the winter, the high heat reduces humidity. Getting a humidifier will keep moisture in the air, preventing conditions that lead to that dry, flaky skin in the first place. It’s especially clutch to sleep with one overnight, when your skin switches to Restore Mode™.


Body Wash for Men

Skip the HOT Shower

We hate to be a bummer, but long, hot showers damage the outermost layer of our skin, making skin unable to absorb or lock in moisture, which is critical for healthy skin. Try shorter, warm (but not hot) showers, and find the right products that work well for your skin and scalp. The best body washes for dry skin tend to have moisturization and hydration properties built into the formulas. For shampoo, look for products that hydrate and strengthen, without stripping the hair’s natural oils. 


At Huron, our Body Wash contains both coconut oil and vitamin E, which help to strengthen the skin’s barrier, preventing moisture loss. And our Shampoo contains glycerin to help bind and balance moisture and panthenol to retain that moisture. To battle dry, itchy scalp, you need to cleanse, soothe and normalize moisture levels.


Face Moisturizer For the Win.

Cold temperatures outside can rapidly dry out your skin, as well as the dry heat from staying inside more. Dry skin means your oil glands will attempt to re-add lost moisture and overproduce sebum. This heightened level of sebum can clog your pores and cause winter breakouts. Thankfully, sebum overproduction can be remedied with a lightweight, hydrating face moisturizer. Our Face Moisturizer is fresh, cooling, and ultra-light, giving your skin a quick drink of hydration and sealing in moisture that lasts all day.


Drink More Water.

There’s a reason the doctor asks how much alcohol and coffee you drink. Booze, coffee, and other forms of caffeine are diuretics that cause dehydration. During the day, focus on drinking plenty of water -- about 15.5 cups/day, or 3.7 liters for you mathematicians -- which will pay dividends throughout the cold winter months. If you feel even the slightest bit thirsty, you’re dehydrated. So set yourself as away on Slack, and pour a glass of water.


Use a Gentle Exfoliator Gently.

In addition to deep cleaning the pores, exfoliation helps remove the dead skin from the surface. Many guys have experienced the ‘sandpaper-effect’ of most exfoliants. A horrible, abrasive experience that feels more like torture vs. something you paid for. At Huron, we built a gentle yet deep-cleansing daily exfoliating Face Wash to help whisk away dry, flaky skin cells and condition your pores. It’s an unsung hero-- you don’t feel it working, but trust us, it is.  


Add a humidifier, take warm, short showers, moisturize and protect your skin with Huron, and you’ll make it through winter. Now, does anyone have Santa’s number? We think he and Rudolph might want some moisturizer.