We started Huron to help you look out for the guy in the mirror.

Guys aren't the best at caring for themselves.

But that's not your fault.


We're here to do things differently.

Growing up, I (Matt M.) was the kid with bad skin. As a former athlete, my skin took a beating. Between football helmets and sweaty workout clothes, I wasn’t doing myself, or my skin, many favors. Finally, in my late 20s, I began to experiment with some more premium products and my skin started to respond positively. But I couldn’t justify spending $70 or more on personal care products. The spark was there – to create a brand that offered products that would work just as well as super-premium brands but offered at approachable price points. After spending time at Bonobos in the early days, I witnessed first-hand what it meant to build a brand around a customer. Huron was built with the same mentality.

After some early market research, I met Matt T., who throughout his career not only understood the personal care landscape, but also built the products that worked. He’s spent decades creating and formulating new products for some of the best brands in the world, such as The Estee Lauder Companies, Tom Ford and Lab Series. He’s the architect behind our product line, leveraging his background across consumer insights, research & development and innovation. 

While we approach the men’s care industry from two different angles, we share a passion for the consumer-first model. After too many conversations to count, we teamed up and on July 29th (at 10:42 EST, but who’s counting), Huron went live.