Cheers to Two

Cheers to Two

We launched Huron on July 29, 2019 at 10:42am EST. I (Matt M.) was nuzzled in a windowless office at our fulfillment center. Matt T. was holding down the fort in NYC. Our intern, Chris, sat next to me. 

We looked at each other with Matt on Slack and collectively said ‘here we go.’

At the time, we had no clue what SEO was. We had never logged into the backend of Facebook Manager. And we had no clue how to edit anything on our own website.  

That was two years ago. 

In two years, much has changed. We have learned what it takes to acquire new customers. We have navigated supply chain challenges. We have built a community of customers. And we have launched new products. In the early days, we shuffled around from shared space to shared space. Now we collectively spend our days at our (respective) home offices. We were a small team of two. Now, we’re a (slightly) larger team of four.  

In two years, very little has changed. An Amazon employee presentation once kicked off with a slide that read: “Stubborn on the vision, flexible on the details.”  The Huron journey embodies that. Our maniacal focus remains on building the world’s most relatable and efficacious men’s care brand. We exist to help consumers help themselves. And we aim to do so through A+ quality products delivered through a medium of relatable, informative, and down-to-earth vibes. Period, full-stop. While the path may encounter some detours, the final destination remains the same.    

Today marks the celebration of two. While we’re pushing hard towards goals and initiatives, it’s imperative to acknowledge and celebrate milestones along the way. A temperature check, of sorts. Here are some of the wins that we’ve chalked up in year two:

1. Launched new products

In October of 2020, we launched our Eye Stick 2.0 off the back of its predecessor. This instantly became a customer favorite as we all stared Zoom fatigue in the (pun-intended) face. A few weeks later, we released our hair category in November. We felt this collection supplemented our current assortment in our efforts to build the world’s most relatable and efficacious men’s care brand.

2. Expanded into retail

We launched in Urban Outfitters (both online and in-store) and recently announced an exciting partnership with J.Crew. For us, these are opportunities with partners that a) we’re excited about; and b) make sense for Huron as a brand.

3. Built, fostered and maintained relationships with our customers

With a community of over 1,000 customers, we spent time listening. What’s working; what we can improve upon. We’re fortunate to have engaged customers who are so eager to offer insights and perspectives that have had an immeasurable impact on Huron.

4. Adapted amongst the chaos

Transitioning from in-office to WFH was no easy task. Huron is a brand that is meant to be built in-person. From surprise hand-delivered packages to customers to building ‘in the trenches’ with the team, physical presence is in our DNA. When that no longer became an option in March of 2020, we adjusted amidst the calamity like the rest of us.

5. Continued to be ‘us’

The vision is clearer than ever. We continue to prioritize quality over quantity. We continue to develop and strengthen our partnerships (we are not ‘clients’ nor do we work with ‘vendors’ -- an important distinction). The team’s ability to push the envelope on many new and existing initiatives without losing focus has been both admirable and humbling.


    What’s next?

    Year Three will be a fun one. New products in the pipeline and new opportunities to celebrate. And so long as we can maintain our vision and execute on the small things, the big things will take care of themselves. 

    Thank you for your continued support. None of this would be possible without you.