Meet One of Huron's Favorite Dads

Meet One of Huron's Favorite Dads

He's been with us since Day One!

When we first met Aaron, we were ‘interviewing’ guys ahead of our first photoshoot. He came into the meeting with his infant daughter in tow, apologizing that his wife had to work and he was on ‘Daddy duty.’ There was no reason to apologize; it was a perfect fit. 

From that point on, Aaron has been an integral part of our content creation efforts. He’s been at all of our photo shoots, which have become family outings. But it’s more than that. It’s become a relationship that transcends content. We text about Ohio State football, new product updates, and life in general. We’re very fortunate to have crossed paths with Aaron and are excited to continue working with him going forward. 

We had the opportunity to talk about the meaning of Father’s Day as a (relatively) new father (#TwoUnderTwo):



What does Father's Day mean to you? 

To me, Father's Day is a day of recognition and appreciation to all the men who are taking responsibility in their children's lives. Since becoming a father, I feel it is a day that us dads get some extra love for our contributions to our families. 


What's your favorite part about being a dad? 

My favorite part of being a dad is receiving the unconditional love from my children. This type of love is so pure, filling and indescribable. I hope everyone can experience it.


What's your most proud moment? 

Being the first person both of my children saw the first time they opened their eyes. From that moment I would always be there to protect them and they knew this because when they opened their eyes I was the first person they saw in life so they knew they could trust me.



If you could pass along one value to your kids, what would it be? 

To have integrity in everything you do and all that you are a part of!


What's your go-to personal care/grooming habit?

I have a heightened sense of smell so for me it's about showering regularly and fragrance. So, body wash and body care products are very important.


What are your favorite personal care products?

Being a parent isn't easy and looking and feeling your best is a task of its own. Huron has found a way to take some of this pressure off of me. The Huron Body Wash and Face Wash are hero products in my opinion. I really enjoy the texture of them both and appreciate the perfect blend of exfoliant, scent and lather.  Adding their amazing eye stick and lightweight facial moisturizer to my regimen has been a game-changer as well. My skin is clearer and it glows. This is my #1 pick for hygiene and grooming!



We'd like to thank Aaron and all of the Dads out there today!