5 Reasons Why Guys Love Huron

5 Reasons Why Guys Love Huron

At Huron, we survey our customers on a regular basis. Quite frequently, actually. The goal is two-fold. First, a look-back to better understand what's working and how Huron products fit into their busy lives. Second, a look-forward to understand ways in which we can continue to serve our customers going forward.

Since launching, our goal has been to create meaningful and lasting relationships with our customers. To share the learnings along the journey and to work with our customers to build the best products on the market.

In conducting so many surveys and collecting hundred of thousands of data points, we've seen patterns. Below are the five primary reason why our customers buy --  and continue to buy -- from Huron, and why we think you'll love the products, too.


1. In-use product experience and performance. 

In our most recent survey, 84% of respondents selected 'product experience and performance' as a reason for repurchasing from Huron. Our product development process is comprehensive and extensive. We work with the world's most forward-thinking chemists and state-of-the-art technologies. Our approach to each product we launch is the same: create 12-out-of-10 products to help you look, feel, and smell your best. 

From our fan-favorite Body Wash or our most recent product launch, an aluminum-free performance Deodorant, this focus on product quality remains consistent.


2. Our products smell damn good. 

Scent is in our DNA. Our co-founder, Matt, built some of the world's most well-known fragrances. Working alongside of some of the best perfumers and fragrance houses, we've created two unique scent profiles -- Citrus and Eucalyptus, and Sandalwood and Black Pepper -- that share the common feelings of fresh and clean. Experience why our customers rave about our scents so much. 


3. We're experts in the space. 

Matt M. spent 20+ years looking for products that would work for his skin. Matt T. spent 25+ years developing products and fragrances for the biggest and most-recognizable brands in the world. Together, they built Huron to offer an unrivaled assortment of men's care products using the highest quality and integrity ingredients. In 2009, Matt. T co-authored a white paper on men's skin titled 'Gender-linked differences in human skin.' So, yeah, suffice to say that Huron is rooted in both science and experience. 


4. The products work. 

Whether you're solving for dry, itchy scalp or a body-odor solve, we have products built for you. We've been fortunate to receive many accolades since launching ranging from Best Body Wash of 2020 to Best Pomade of 2021 to Best Bar Soap of 2022. All of our products are 100% vegan and Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free.


5. But most important, we're human. 

Body, skin, and hair care can be weird to talk about. But through educational tips and tricks -- or, 'Pro Tips', as we like to call them -- we can help. We've struggled with skin issues ourselves and never had a person or brand to turn to -- until now.  We're just getting started on our journey, and would be excited to have you join us for the ride.