Beat Back Stress So Your Skin Can Thrive.

Beat Back Stress So Your Skin Can Thrive.

Don't be your own worst enemy.
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Between eating differently, sleeping differently, and exercising less (or maybe way more), chances are your routine is a bit off-kilter right now. When routines get interrupted, the body’s stress hormone, cortisol, shoots way up. This can cause a bunch of skin-related problems including an increase in sebum production, which leads to oily skin and breakouts. 
But don’t worry, we have some smart techniques (and formulas) to help you take the stress right out of your skin.  


Add Some Normal into the Abnormal

Try starting your morning routine like usual. Shower, shave, put on pants (and we don’t mean sweatpants). Trust us, your mind (and body) will thank you. For an extra boost, our Eye Stick’s refreshing serum + cooling rollerball-in-one helps with the look of fatigue and is a great way to start the day. Hello, Zoom calls.


You Need a Post-Workout Face Wash

Exercise makes your body release endorphins. You know, those hormone-like molecules that help elevate your mood and reduce stress? But exercise also elevates testosterone levels, which can wake up acne. So when you work out, remember to wash your face (and body) before and after. 

Our Face Wash with bamboo powder is a daily cleanser that gently exfoliates to clear away dirt, oil and sweat, leaving skin fresh and healthy. Perfect for pre (and post) workouts. Also, our skin-refreshing Body Wash invigorates as it cleans and deodorizes with natural astringent and antimicrobial ingredients. So you won’t smell like you just worked out. Good for you, and for anyone at a social distance. 



Use a Face Moisturizer for Men

Staying inside means drier skin. Drier skin means your oil glands will overproduce sebum, which attempts to re-add lost moisture. This can clog your pores, and cause even more breakouts. But, sebum-overproduction can be remedied with a lightweight, hydrating lotion. Luckily, we’ve got just the Face Moisturizer. It’s fresh, cooling and ultra-light, giving your skin a quick drink of hydration that lasts all day. 


Get Some Sleep For Healthy Skin!

Bad sleep can cause acne, itchiness, or other skin conditions. We recommend you wind down for a good night’s sleep with a relaxing muscle soak to ease away tension. Our Body Wash doubles as a great soak - Menthol and Eucalyptus rejuvenate and refresh you just in time for bed. Just add a cap-full to a warm-water bath and the rest (of today) is history.


Stay healthy and stress-free!