Making Mom Proud.

Making Mom Proud.

Today is the day.

When you make the Mother’s Day call today, let her know that she taught you well by showing her you're taking care of:


1. Your face.

Your mom gave you those good looks, so take care of them. Wash, moisturize, and even swipe a little Eye Stick under your eyes to reduce puffiness. Mom will be so excited to show everyone a picture of how handsome you are. And you're not alone, guys are (re) discovering ways to better care for their faces.


2. Your Style

Mom likes when we look nice. You like when you feel comfortable. Our friends at Ten Thousand have found that sweet-spot with these awesomely comfortable and versatile pants that are just as good on conference calls as they are at the (home) gym.  


3. Your Body

Whether you wash top-down or bottom-up -- yes, there are those people (guilty as charged) -- keep your skin clean and your smell fresh with notes of energizing eucalyptus, cooling menthol, and a refreshing blend of citrus, juniper and aromatic greens. Our body wash does it all. Plus, if we’re being honest, it’s our top-seller. 


4. Your Stride

Mom wants to make sure you're comfortable. Especially your feet. If you tell her you're wearing Bombas socks, its a great way to keep your Mom (and your feet) happy. Our friends at Bombas are here to hook you up with just such socks, giving you 20% off your first purchase with code COMFORT20.


5. Your Sanity

Mom always said ‘don’t sweat the small stuff'. Well, we’re all stressing about a lot of stuff these days. Working from home, change of routines, the kids, the dog. Plenty to vie for your attention. Our good friend (and former Professor) Ed Batista has some great pieces around managing emotions and taking care of the guy in the mirror during these times. 


6. Your ZZZ’s

Mom no longer tucks you in, but there’s a number of bedtime rituals to ensure you’re waking up each morning feeling refreshed and recharged. Comfortable bedding and tracking your sleep quality are all ways to set yourself up for success the next day. Some of our favorites include the app Pillow, and the training and recovery device Whoop.


7. Your Eating Habits

While it’s difficult to replicate home cooking, we can attempt to replicate home baking. Luckily for us, this chocolate chip cookie recipe from Ambitious Kitchen will address your sweet tooth, but in a healthy-ish manner.


8. Your Relationships

Values. Family. Kindness. Being a good person. These are principles we learned at a young age. We’d encourage you to take a few moments and reach out to those special people on this special day. 


Thanks Mom!