Everything You Need to Know About Eye Stick 2.0

Everything You Need to Know About Eye Stick 2.0

A deeper dive into our advanced Eye Stick 2.0 (plus tips and tricks).

We like to think of our Eye Stick as our secret weapon. It’s ultra-portable, offers a cooling and refreshing sensation to wake you up during the day, and we’re pretty sure we’re going to look ageless for the next twenty years. But this isn’t just any eye stick–it’s Eye Stick 2.0. It’s everything you loved about the first iteration with some key changes that make this a must-have. 


For men, the eyes are usually the first place that you notice the effects of a hectic lifestyle–whether you’re tired, stressed, dehydrated or even showing the first signs of aging. That's because the skin around the eyes is actually thinner than the rest–even for men who, in general, have thicker skin than women. Thinner skin more easily reveals the blood vessels underneath, swells easily, and with constant muscle movement and facial expressions, the skin starts to weaken, causing fine lines.

That’s Cold

The most immediate effect of the Eye Stick is the cooling sensation. The metal rollerball instantly cools and soothes under eyes, reducing inflammation. Like icing a swollen ankle after a soccer game helps return it to normal size, the rollerball applicator helps de-puff the skin under your eyes. This makes it the perfect product to help you look and feel refreshed and ready to go. 

Pro tip: storing your eye stick in the fridge helps amplify the cooling effects of the rollerball. 

On a Roll

While we’re on the topic of the rollerball applicator, we want you to know that we’ve thought of everything (not to brag or anything). The applicator sits just high enough in the tube so that the plastic will never scrape the thin skin under your eyes, and just low enough to pick up the right amount of product each time, so you will never be tugging at the skin under your eyes with a dry rollerball. This should also ensure that you don’t have to waste product by lubricating the rollerball on your arm first. Another great feature of the rollerball is the way it helps massage the under eye, which increases circulation and helps get rid of fluid to de-puff. 

The Secret Formula

The formula itself also guarantees that the rollerball glides on nice and smooth. It’s just the right texture, so it doesn’t interfere with the roll or the glide. Our non-oily and lightweight serum absorbs quickly, feels fresh and light and helps firm the skin. No one wants to feel a heavy, oily, or greasy product under their eyes when they’re trying to go about their day. Instead, you should feel revitalized and energized. 

In It for the Long Haul

Let’s face it: Rome wasn’t built in a day. And you (probably) can’t look magically 20 years old after using a product once. But with continued and consistent use, this lightweight serum has been built for long-term efficacy.  Use this eye stick twice a day for 60 days and see what happens. Wrinkles should be visibly reduced, dark circles faded, and skin lifted. And don’t forget, 18-25 year olds can have visible under eye bags and puffiness, too. Alcohol, lack of sleep, dehydration, salt intake, and many other factors can affect your under eyes. We’ve developed the Eye Stick 2.0 to make sure that it will target different issues at different stages of your life. 


So, what else can be done to help fight against the signs of fatigue, puffiness and/or bags? We’re glad that you asked.

To help refresh, brighten and help reduce the appearance of stress, fatigue and aging, there are some easy changes you can make to your day-to-day habits. 


1. Change your sleep habits

While it’s true that not enough sleep isn’t usually the main cause of under-eye bags in men, it certainly doesn’t help. Make sure you’re getting at least the recommended 7+ hours of sleep a night, and you’ll be more likely to wake up feeling alert and refreshed–as will your eyes–as your body restores itself overnight. 


2. Get enough fluids

Dehydration can contribute to the appearance of under-eye bags, as your body tries to retain fluid where it can. Do you know how much water you drink every day? A good rule of thumb is to remember the 8×8 rule, which is eight 8-ounce glasses a day. 


3. Cut back on salty foods and watch the diet!

Increased salt consumption can lead to fluid retention–which, simply put, means the more salt you eat, the more fluid your body stores. As fluid can build up in the delicate under-eye area, one way to try and help prevent this is by reducing your sodium intake.


4. Massage and cool

One of the best ways to alleviate any puffiness is a combination of lymphatic drainage and a cool compress. Gently massaging the under-eye area helps reduce the accumulation of fluid. At the same time, cooling your skin will constrict blood vessels and increase circulation.


5. Invest in a great eye treatment

Applying a hydrating and restorative eye treatment in the a.m. and p.m. takes only a few seconds, but it can make a world of difference to those puffy, tired-looking eyes. When you apply the right skincare, you’re hydrating the thin skin under your eyes, helping to keep it elastic and smooth. Also, eye serums such as our soothing Eye Stick 2.0 helps target the visible signs of aging–think puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines–all in one. 

A deeper dive into our advanced Eye Stick 2.0 formula–here are some key ingredients:


  • Persian Silk Extract and St. Paul’s Wort: A powerful botanical complex to help boost skin’s elasticity, reduce puffiness, fade dark circles and reduce fine lines.
  • Caffeine & Coffee Seed Extract: Improves microcirculation and cellular energy to help diminish dark circles. 
  • Snow Mushroom, Betaine and Glycerin: A plant-based complex that hydrates and moisturizes at 400x the rate of sodium hyaluronate.
  • Moringa Seed Oil: A nourishing oil, rich in Vitamins A, C and E, helps smooth and moisturize.
  • Triluronic Acid: A smaller, molecular weight Hyaluronic acid, allowing for deeper hydration.
  • Tara Fruit and Sea Algae: A natural bio-polymer blend that provides a sensorial lifting and tightening. 


For a full list of ingredients, visit our site here:  https://usehuron.com/products/eye-stick-2-0

We know this sounds like a lot of information. Just remember that there are many causes of dark circles, puffiness and lines around the eyes–not just aging–and we’ve developed our Eye Stick 2.0 to address as many of these factors as possible, using the best ingredients. Now get out there, drink some water, get some sleep, and get yourself an eye stick.