Ingredient Spotlight: Witch Hazel

The Magic of Witch Hazel

Few natural ingredients are as multi-purpose, versatile and downright beneficial as Witch Hazel. Known as the “golden treasure,” Witch Hazel is a botanical extract derived from the leaves, petals and bark of this yellow-flowering shrub native to North America and Asia. In fact, Witch Hazel was first used by Native Americans as a one-stop remedy for inflammation, swelling and many skin and scalp ailments–prepared by boiling the leaves and bark in water and then distilling the concoction.  

Today, Witch Hazel Extract is used to treat skin conditions ranging from eczema and psoriasis to acne and enlarged pores. It’s a natural astringent known primarily for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, in addition to its ability to topically treat minor cuts and scrapes.

Why We Love It


1. It calms redness.

Witch hazel contains gallic acid, a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it effective at calming down redness from irritation, razor burn and even sunburn.


2. It’s effective in preventing blemishes.

Witch hazel is rich in tannins (yes, the same ones found in grapes) that give it the powerful astringent ability it’s known for. These tannins help shrink pores, tighten the surface of the skin and most importantly, absorb excess oil, making witch hazel for acne an effective choice.


3. It has antibacterial properties.

The overall anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel contribute to its ability to provide antibacterial benefits for minor cuts and scrapes. Studies have shown noteworthy antimicrobial activity for witch hazel against bacteria.


4. It can balance an oily scalp.

If you have greasy hair and oily scalp, witch hazel could help. The tannins in the botanical leaves have strong astringent properties and are effective at closing off the pores that produce oil. It’s also a gentle solution to ease symptoms of itching or inflammation for those with a sensitive scalp.


5. It refreshes and keeps odor-causing bacteria at bay.

Witch hazel helps lower your skin’s pH, which makes it harder for bacteria, and specifically odor-causing bacteria, to survive. Less odor-causing bacteria means neutralizing body odor. A perfect solution to sit along on your shower shelf.

Witch Hazel and Our Body Wash

Considering all of the benefits of witch hazel, the decision to add it to our Body Wash seemed like an obvious “yes.” Help tone and tighten? Sign me up. Goodbye itchy, irritated skin? Yes, please. Calm redness? Check. Refresh and neutralize body odor? Absolutely.

But there’s more from where that came from. Our invigorating Body Wash is no ordinary Body Wash–the super refreshing and skin conditioning formula invigorates, deodorizes and nourishes to help keep you running in tip-top shape. The sulfate-free conditioning lather whisks away daily dirt, oil and grime while Witch Hazel, Black Walnut Leaf, and a touch of menthol and eucalyptus refresh, invigorate and keep odor at bay. Nourishing oils and vitamins hydrate, soothe and moisturize. The next-level combination of gentle sulfate-free lather, Witch Hazel’s soothing and refreshing properties, vitamins and nourishing oils is something we couldn’t have dreamt up. Oh wait...we did.