Witch Hazel benefits for skin and body

Ingredient Spotlight: Witch Hazel

Why Witch Hazel is the unsung hero of our Body Wash.

The Magic of Witch Hazel

Few natural ingredients are as multi-purpose, versatile and downright beneficial to the skin as Witch Hazel. Have a bug bite? Witch hazel. Dealing with blemishes? Witch hazel. Skin looking oily? Witch hazel. 

As a botanical extract, Witch Hazel is a natural skin healer and cleanser. The leaves, bark and petals of the plant contain therapeutic constituents that, when extracted and distilled, create a natural astringent known for generations as a natural skin care solution.


Why We Love It


1. Refreshes as it keeps odor-causing bacteria at bay.

Witch hazel helps lower your skin’s pH, which makes it harder for bacteria, and specifically odor-causing bacteria, to survive. Less odor-causing bacteria means neutralizing body odor. A perfect solution to sit along on your shower shelf.


2. Absorbs excess oil without drying.

Witch hazel is rich in tannins (yes, the same ones found in grapes) giving it a natural astringency. These tannins help shrink pores, tighten the surface of the skin and most importantly, absorb excess oil, making it effective against body blemishes and breakouts.


3. It calms redness and irritation.

Witch hazel contains gallic acid, a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. This helps soothe itchiness, calm redness and sun-burned skin- even bug-bites.


4. It has antibacterial properties.

The overall anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel contribute to its ability to provide antibacterial benefits for minor cuts and scrapes. Studies have shown noteworthy antimicrobial activity for witch hazel against bacteria.


5. Soothes razor burn and razor bumps.

Prone to razor burn or bumps? Shaving irritates the skin barrier and can cause irritation, which witch hazel can easily calm. With its astringent abilities, witch hazel can soothe skin redness immediately post shave.

Witch Hazel and Our Body Wash

Considering all of the benefits of witch hazel, making it a star ingredient in our Body Wash was a natural choice. Help tone and tighten? Sign me up. Goodbye itchy, irritated skin? Yes, please. Calm redness? Check. Neutralize body odor? Absolutely.

Our super refreshing and skin conditioning Body Wash invigorates, deodorizes and nourishes to help keep you running in tip-top shape. The sulfate-free, creamy lather whisks away daily dirt, oil and grime while Witch Hazel, Black Walnut Leaf, ginseng, menthol and eucalyptus refresh, energize and keep odor at bay. Nourishing Coconut Oil and Vitamin E hydrate, soothe and moisturize.  And with the invigorating and energetic scent of citrus, eucalyptus, juniper and aromatic greens, our award-winning Body Wash has become a year-round favorite.


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