It's time to care.

It's time to care.

Change can be a good thing.

We all go through phases. Remember cut-off tees? What about tear away pants or band t-shirts you wore until you spilled something on them? Good news: times change. Most of us are now comfortable sporting a button-down, have our hair under control, and rinse our workout gear semi-regularly. In short, we care

The bad news is, as far as we’ve come, we don’t care enough about personal care. For many of us, there have been two options — buy the same cheap neon blue body wash you’ve used since you were in middle school, or engage in a fourteen-step medical program that requires two hours of primping every day. 

Well, not anymore. Now there is another option. And it’s time to care

Many of us watch our health. We get to the gym a few days a week. Some of us eat vegetables and whole grains. A few even write in a daily journal. And we do these things because they make us feel good about ourselves. Shouldn’t we put the same time and energy into our personal care routine?

Yes. The answer is yes. High-quality personal care products add pep in your step, visibly improve your skin, and help restore the wear and tear you put your body through every day. At Huron, we’ve spent over a year developing formulas from scratch, just for you. We’ve picked the best possible ingredients to create high-performing, efficacious products and offer them at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Because we care. 

We’re not asking you to try go on a juice cleanse, or start leech therapy. But we are asking you to care. To do you, but better. So, here’s to some new and improved life phases — though don’t let us stop you from breaking out those cutt-off tees. We hear they’re coming back in style.