The Huron Bathroom Reader - Vol. 1

The Huron Bathroom Reader - Vol. 1

From the people behind your favorite bathroom products comes your new favorite bathroom entertainment: The Huron Bathroom Reader.

Once a month we'll send you some good reads, top-notch recommendations, self-care tips and tricks, and more. So take a seat and get comfortable, we're gonna be here for awhile.

A different kind of guard dog.

2020 brought murder hornets, 2021 had a Cotton Candy Blue Lobster, and 2022 is the year of "Dog with Knife."
Best thing we saw this month.

The new age of self care.

8 things to make you feel better (spoiler alert: one of them things is saying no).
Taking care of the man in the mirror.

A clean craft.

Shellf improvement begins by slowing down and whittling away anything that's not turtley essential.
Learn to whittle a bar of soap into a turtle.

The answer to "What's for dinner?"

Tip: search by region to find the restaurant closest to you and plan your next road trip around that area.
BA's 50 Best New Restaurants Across the Country.

What to watch right NOW.

Indie Darling, Horror, Comedy, or Indie Darling Horror Comedy - Netflix has it all. And the best ones are on this list.
Best movies on Netflix this month (Monty Python gets our vote).

Counting Cards is a great band name.

Whether you're a card shark or don't know how much a joker is worth, this is a good sneak peek into the world of big wins.
"The Most Notorious Card Counter In America".

Adaptive Training Foundation gets a new class.

ATF helps individuals with life-altering injuries find life-fulfilling adaptive performance training.
Do Good.

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