Wedding Weekend Itinerary: Personal Care Edition

Wedding Weekend Itinerary: Personal Care Edition

Here comes the suit, the charcoal gray groomsman suit. Whether you’re in the wedding or just attending for the open bar, we’ve got your skincare routine covered this wedding weekend. We’ll help you look fresh, feel fresh, and smell fresh, so all you have to do is learn how to dance the Cupid Shuffle (take your grievances up with the DJ).


Traveling for the festivities? Pack your high-performing goodies into the brand new Huron Dopp Kit. Mess-proof, durable, and, most importantly, sharp, the Dopp Kit can fit all your weekend grooming essentials. 

Let’s start with a fresh face the night before. Use Huron Face Wash to cleanse your skin of any lingering SPF or dirt and grime that has accumulated throughout the day, and give your pores a chance to rest. Follow it up with the super hydrating, lightweight Face Moisturizer, so when it comes time to photobomb the happy couple tomorrow, your skin will look great. And their big day is about you, right?


It’s summer or early fall, it’s hot, and chances are, you’re in a suit. Woof. Today is a great day to practice the art of scent layering. To smell your freshest and feel your cleanest, start with Huron Body Wash in Original Citrus + Eucalyptus. And to keep that linen suit from turning into a wetsuit, stay dry with the Deodorant in Sandalwood + Black Pepper. Or for something more TSA-approved, your scent layering routine could begin with Huron Bar Soap in Sandalwood and follow it up with the Original Deo. Either way, you’re creating an entirely new scent category from our two award-winning scents, one that is unique to you. Smell amazing well into the reception. It’ll make it easier to laugh when the best man’s speech turns into a roast of the…bride? Yikes.

One final touch before heading to that ceremony: the hair. Pack the Huron Hair Styler to keep your flyaways at bay and your frizz in its place. With a natural, matte-like finish, the Hair Styler swiftly takes you from church to poolside reception (nice) to after party dive bar with peanuts on the floor. Something for everyone.


You RSVP’d to the Sunday brunch, but you’re feeling a little tired. Okay, a LOT tired. Don’t bail, we can help you fake it til you…can take a nap. Wanna look like you got a full 8 hours of sleep while only getting 3? Try the Eye Stick 2.0. With only a couple swipes, the easy to use rollerball applicator cools the under eyes with a gel like serum and energizes as it targets puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. So go ahead and order the burger at 11 AM, you deserve it. And maybe double check your Instagram stories, you might want to delete some.

Get clean, stay fresh, and feel energized- all you need to make this wedding season a good one. Suit up and get out there, you look great.