June is Men’s Health Awareness Month

June is Men’s Health Awareness Month

When was the last time you went to the doctor? Ask most men and they will answer something like “I don’t know, a while ago.” In a recent study, 1,000 U.S. men aged 18 and up were surveyed about the last time they visited a general practitioner for a yearly checkup, and the study found that, in the past year, almost half (45% to be exact) had not made that annual trek to the doctor’s office.

But what about the last time you ate a fried chicken sandwich? 99.9% would answer “within the last month for sure.” (This is absolutely based on no science, just… personal experience.)

So that’s why June is Men’s Health Awareness Month. It’s all about empowering yourself (and other men in your life!) to take care of your body, eat right, exercise, and work to prevent disease while also understanding the barriers that stop you from getting the care you need. 

A+ Personal Care

When you look better, you feel better. Building a personal hygiene routine that nourishes and protects your skin can boost your mental and physical wellness in a snap. You’ll want to fill your bathroom cabinet with products that provide gentle, healthy, sulfate-free cleansing that balances out your skin’s moisture levels. We’ve designed all our products to do just that. From our Deodorant to our Body Wash. Premium ingredients to keep you at your cleanest with unbeatable scents that last all day. Feeling better already.

It Starts in the Kitchen

First things first, eating right, right? Meal planning can be tedious, and even though you may be tempted to order pizza for the 3rd night in a row, it will probably be faster to make some of these easy dinner ideas. Men’s Journal put together a list of 10 recipes, all with only 5 ingredients each. If you prefer to wing it, just remember that a good olive oil, kosher salt, and a squeeze of lime or lemon can take a dish from “meh” to “yeah, I’d make that again.”
If there’s room in your fridge after all those leftovers (great job!), throw your Eye Stick 2.0 in there, keeping it cool makes it all the more refreshing when you swipe it on.

And if all else fails, just get an air fryer. You can make anything in there…anything.

I Work Out

Ok so we don’t have Ryan Reynolds’ workout regimen, but we do know that 30 mins of exercise 5 times a week dramatically reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease. Whether that’s a brisk walk with your dog or the “One Punch Man” workout, any type of movement will release those endorphins and make you feel all that much better. 

Maybe a gym isn’t your thing, but you’re looking for some extra light strength training? Our 32 oz. Jumbo bottles make great dumbbell stand-ins. Or, you know, are good for a post-workout shower.

What’s up, doc?

So why don’t men see the doctor? It’s pretty common for men to not talk about what’s going on inside, either because they don’t want to or they’ve been socialized to keep it to themselves. It’s important to remember that Men’s Health Month is right after Mental Health Awareness Month. You can’t have one without the other. For great physical health, you need great mental health. 
There is a bright side: over half of the respondents of that recent study - 55% - did visit a family doctor. Increasingly, men are seeking help. We need to keep focusing on destigmatizing going to any type of doctor, medical or mental health. You can show your support for Men’s Health Month by wearing blue. We think having blue in your shower counts too.

Maybe instead of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” we start saying “an apple a day will be great to tell your doctor about at your next checkup.”