Hot Tips for the Best Summer Skin Care

Hot Tips for the Best Summer Skin Care

Ah, the first day of summer: June 21st. Even though you’ve been sweating through your organic cotton tees since the beginning of May, today is the official start to the summer with the Summer Solstice. So what does that mean? Besides water parks, SPF, and margaritas- it also means making sure to take extra precautions to keep your skin (face and body!) hydrated and protected. We have some tips on how to do just that.

Take it From the Top

It’s not a head scratcher why our scalps are itchier in the summer: it’s because of sweat. Our scalp sweats just like the rest of our body, in fact, even more so. But don’t fret, it’s normal to experience some itching and slight irritation when the scalp sweats in the summer. One way to combat that is a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo. Even better, you’ll want to look for one with natural ingredients to relieve that summer itch. One of the key ingredients in our Shampoo is Menthol. Perfect for the summer, it’s derived from peppermint oil and provides a gentle cooling effect to stimulate your scalp on those hot summer days.

Summer Scent

Fragrance works differently in the summer because of the heat. When your body temp rises, the scent heats up, making it more powerful while causing it to evaporate quicker. But our scents are formulated to last throughout the day, so you can smell like fresh from the second you step out of your shower til the moment your head touches the pillow again. Eucalyptus + Citrus is the light, breezy scent you want for these warmer months. Clean, bright, and airy, you won’t mind that second summer shower of the day.

Pass the Sniff Test

In the summer, sweat is unavoidable, but smelling bad is not. Sweat is odorless. It's the bacteria from sweat that causes odor. Aluminum antiperspirants stop sweat, but they’re harmful to your health; and most natural deodorants don’t stop sweat, they just mask it with scent. But Huron’s Deo absorbs sweat with Brazilian Arrowroot Powder, neutralizing that B.O. causing bacteria, and provides all-day odor protection with the freshest scents. And, it’s good for you. Finally a healthy men’s deodorant that actually works.

Let’s Face It

The thing you're most concerned about: your face. And you should be! The summer sun can take a toll on your money maker (see also: kisser, mug, punim). Besides using SPF daily, you can protect your face by washing away the grime caused by sweat and moisturizing to combat dehydration, which brings about dry, flaky skin and early signs of aging.

Most men's moisturizers are traditional emulsions that feel heavy, sticky, and…well, cheap. Huron’s Face Moisturizer uses clean ingredients to form a lightweight, refreshing gel-cream that works as both a hydrator and a moisturizer. Aloe and Glycerin draw in H2O from your surroundings to provide a cool, long lasting moisture, and super-hydrators Sodium Hyaluronate and Pentavitin (a natural hydrator!) relieve dryness for up to 72 hours. Perfect to protect you against heat, sweat, and barbecue smoke (go check the burgers).

Lather up with the cleanest products, keep your pits fresh naturally, moisturize away the dehydration, and you’re set for a great summer. You only need to do one other thing, what is it… Oh yeah, relax. Ahh, that’s better.