The 2023 Huron Holi-dude Gift Guide

The 2023 Huron Holi-dude Gift Guide

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You need a great gift for your brother or your dad or your dad’s brother (some people call that an uncle), but you have no idea what to get. What about the gift of Smelling Great™? Didn’t know you could give that as a gift?

Guys often choose their personal care products based on how far down the drug store aisle they have to walk. Or whether they want to smell like the neon green one or the sky blue one. Do they even like it? We doubt it.

Put some joy back into their daily routine. We’ve got the hardest-working, best-smelling gift for all those hard-to-buy-for-types.

1. The Clean Freak

Body Wash Lather

Hospital Corners is his middle name (yikes). He likes it fresh, but for some reason he’s still using Old Sp*ce. Give him a refresh with the Shower Kit.

2. The Techie

Sure he’s got the newest iPhone, a TV that’s thin as paper and has 3 wearables on at any given time, but does his Deodorant have StayDry Tech? I bet not. Get him the Deo packed with aluminum-free innovation to absorb wetness and kill odor-causing bacteria at it's source.

3. The New Balance Dad

He doesn't throw out his old New Balances, they just become grass cutting shoes. We want to make sure he takes care of his number one asset as he ages: his face. And you can make it easy for him with The SPF Face Kit.

Sun protection, anti-aging moisturizer and serum, and lightly-exfoliating face wash. Just tell him it's the skincare version of dropping Weed & Feed on the lawn.

4. The Weekend Warrior

Scent Bundle

A 10K on Saturday? No prob. Deadlifting twice your bodyweight Sunday morn? Easy. Get the part-time athlete in your life something to make ‘em smell great after all that hard work: The Signature Scent Bundle. And then you guys can go out and enjoy a plate of macros together. Yum.

5. The World Traveler

He’s already got TSA Pre-Check (and if he doesn’t, buy him that too), so get him something he doesn’t have: the top notch Huron Dopp Kit and stock it with the all-new Travel Shower Kit so he can leave the hotel mini soaps in their wrappers.

6. The “Big Guy”

Jumbo Shower Kit

He may not be big, but he’s probably in charge. And if he’s not in charge, he thinks he is. Big is more of an energy and less of a physical attribute. His shower accessories should match him: the Jumbo Hair and Body Kit.

7. The Night Owl

Get him the Eye Stick 2.0 so people will stop asking him “did you sleep last night? you look tired.” Caffeine and the cooling, de-puffing anti-aging serum Eye Stick will have him looking fresh faced for that 8am meeting. 

8. Honorable mention: The Not-a-Guy Guy

Huron is for everyone. So whether you’re gifting to a Huron Loyalist or a first timer, you can’t go wrong with our one of a kind Deo in Sandalwood. The winter is the perfect time to transition to aluminum-free Deo and Sandalwood is the warm, woody scent you’ll want around all season long.


And that should cover all your holiday gifts, no reason to go anywhere else. But if you’re still at a loss for what to get that special someone, you know what they say: when in doubt, there's always cold, hard cash.