The Huron Holi-dude Gift Guide

The Huron Holi-dude Gift Guide

You need a great gift for your brother or your dad or your dad’s brother (some people call that an uncle), but you have no idea what to get. What about the gift of Smelling Great™? Didn’t know you could give that as a gift? You’re not alone. Guys so often choose their body wash based on how far down the drug store aisle they have to walk. Do they even like it? Put some joy back into their morning or nightly routine. We’ve got the best smelling gift for all those hard-to-buy-for-types.

1. The Clean Freak

Hospital Corners is his middle name (yikes). He likes it fresh, but for some reason he’s still using Old Sp*ce. Give him a refresh with Hair and Body Kit.

2. The Techie

Sure he’s got the iPhone 17 and the TV that’s thin as paper, but does his Deodorant have Stay Dry Tech? I bet not. Get him the Deo with Stay Dry Tech.

Man washing face over sink.

3. Your Dad or any “Dad Type”

He wears New Balances but not in a cool way, and we love that for him! We want to make sure he takes care of his number one asset: his face. And you can make it easy for him with The Face Kit.

4. Weekend Warrior

A 10K on Saturday? No prob. Deadlifting twice your bodyweight Sunday morn? Easy. Get the Gym-Tan-Laundry Guy in your life something to make ‘em smell great after all that hard work: The Body Duo. And then you guys can go out and enjoy a plate of macros together. Yum.

5. The Outdoor-sy Type

It’s more than a green thumb, it’s a sense of adventure, it’s constantly telling everyone “trust me, you just need to get out more.” Give him the gift of bringing the outdoors inside with the Huron Candle. Add on the Bar Soap and tell him to carve a fish out of it. Or, you know, use it regular-style in the shower. 

Dopp Kit bag with products

6. The World Traveler

He’s already got TSA Pre-Check (and if he doesn’t, buy him that too), so get him something he doesn’t have: the top notch Huron Dopp Kit and stock it full of our best products with the BYOBundle.

7. The Handyman

Whether he’s actually fixing things or just creating holes in the wall and calling a Task Rabbit later, there’s one thing missing from his toolbox: Shampoo and Conditioner. Unless… he has those in his toolbox, then… we’ve got more questions. Fix his hair with the Hair Duo.

Jumbo bottle with pump

8. The “Big Guy”

He may not be big, but he’s probably in charge. And if he’s not in charge, he thinks he is. Big is more of an energy and less of a physical attribute. His shower accessories should match him: the Jumbo Hair and Body Kit.

9. For the Non-Guy Guy

Huron’s for everyone. So whether you’re gifting to a Huron Loyalist or a first timer, you can’t go wrong with our one of a kind Deo in Sandalwood. The winter is the perfect time to transition to aluminum free Deo and Sandalwood is the warm, woody scent you’ll want around all season long.

10. Honorable mention: The-Always-On-the-Go-Guy

He’s not quite the Dad type nor the World Traveler, but he’s somewhere in between. Either way, he needs help looking refreshed and revitalized. Get him the Eye Stick 2.0 so people will stop asking him “you look tired, did you sleep last night?”

And that should cover all your holiday gifts, no reason to go anywhere else. But if you’re still at a loss for what to get that special someone, you know what they always say: when in doubt, just get a candle.